Secure Video Conferencing Booms As Pandemic Abates

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Secure Video Conferencing Booms As Pandemic Abates

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to wreak economies across the world, businesses are slowly getting into restart mode. But what has perhaps changed for good is the way they are run.

‘Work from Home’ and virtual meetings are the order of the day. Increasingly, companies and employees are seeing the merit in this type of remote working aid. This is exactly why you can see secure video conferencing booming even as the fear of the pandemic abates. There are many reasons that support the all-around acceptance of virtual meetings through video conferencing. These include:

1. Cost-Effective

Travelling for a meeting, organizing a place for the meeting, snacks during the meeting, and everything else with respect to a meeting involves cost. But with video conferencing, is a major expense that businesses are doing away with. Decidedly that is contributing in a big way to its widespread adoption.

2. Saves Time

It does not just save cost but saves time too. Video conferencing cuts out travel time, waiting time, and also wrapping up time. As a result, individuals manage to organize their work better, and it also enhances the overall efficiency to a large extent.

3. Privacy and data security intact

However, data security is a key concern. Recognizing this key aspect, most companies like Zoom and Cisco offer video conferencing facilities to ensure that your information is safe. They rule out the chances of potential leakage with appropriate coding and encryption. As a result, it becomes an even more acceptable alternative.

4. Ensures social distancing

Like it or not, social distancing is the need of the hour. Secure video conferencing ensures that you can practice that without incurring losses or any type of inconvenience. This is in fact, one of the key factors that contributed to the growing success of the work from home practices the world over.

5. Manages to get the benefit of face-to-face meetings

Often, a face-to-face meeting is preferred over a phone conversation to extract the most from it. The advantage of video conferencing is that it gives you an almost similar effect without even stepping out of your bedroom if you wish to. The fact that the data is appropriately encrypted ensures that you do not have to worry about data theft or any related problems. A meeting is now as simple as logging in and striking the deal of your dreams.


Therefore it goes without saying that the unfortunate coronavirus pandemic has opened up a global opportunity for businesses to adapt to a new normal. Though this is a concept that has been evolving over a period of time, Covid-19 has surely provided the much-needed boost for its greater acceptance. The data security aspect has reassured many who were reluctant thus far and opened up a new avenue of work. As a result, we see secure video conferencing booming like never before.