How Effective is Video Conferencing as a Corporate Meeting Tool?

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How Effective is Video Conferencing as a Corporate Meeting Tool

Video Conferencing is increasingly becoming a popular corporate meeting tool, but the question is riding on the fact that what exactly is making it popular? Is it just the COVID crisis?

The answer is probably no. If current trends are any indicator, here is a corporate practice that is likely to be around for a while, at least. One of the key reasons for this is that it is extremely effective and addresses several corporate concerns and concepts in a simple masterstroke. Here are some of the most distinct advantages:

1. Reliable alternative to traveling

When you cannot travel to the meeting point, video conferencing allows the meeting to come to you. It is not just due to the Covid-related restrictions, but there are many times when you cannot travel or don’t want to. Video conferencing and its extensive use in the recent past make it a rather dependable alternative to this key challenge. It ensures that you are never late for that crucial meeting wherever you might be in the world.

2. Makes a case for effective remote working

One of the biggest challenges of remote working is the lack of face-to-face interaction. However, video conferencing completely takes care of it. It enables a more digital workforce and better utilization of time and resources. It also brings about a seamless and uninterrupted functional connection between teams, even if they are not meeting physically. So, in any stressful situation, it brings about a working module with a definitively higher return.

3. Increases value

If you match the economies of scale and the overall cost-return ratio along with the supply-demand matrix, this has a far higher return rate. Moreover, the overheads costs in this are much lesser. Most companies that are offering video conferencing facilities at the moment are busy offering a bunch of deals and discounts. Given the higher demand for it at the moment, you will be able to get a lucrative offer, thereby making more savings. As a result, video conferencing, no doubt enhances the overall value of the one-time investment it involves.

4. Improves collaboration amongst teams

Collaboration is often the key to effective business deals. Most importantly, collaboration amongst the team members is of utmost importance. It does not just ensure seamless functioning but also holds the key to an effective working module. Face-to-face meetings and interpersonal interaction can play a key role in achieving it. However, if that is not possible, video conferencing can come forth as the key alternative to getting past the situation in a creative and constructive manner. It enhances the comfort level between multiple teams.


Video conferencing is one of the most effective corporate tools and an opportunity that has come out of the current situation. However, this is also an important way we can make our work seamless, even from home. At the same time, it stays true to the ethos of effective business policies and enhances the return rate.