Employee Leave & Attendance

Attendance & Leave Management System Features

Web & Mobile

DucisHR for Employees is available on both the Web and mobile. Its user-friendly interface and navigation with modern design help the users to get the best of it.

We also coexist with your existing setup

DucisHR is flexible to coexist with you for its mobile and web applications. We are having expertise in various third-party integrations.

Easy & Fast Implementation

We understand that you might be using something like excel or another solution however looking for some better options. Our implementation team helps you in the overall migration of your existing data to our application.

Customisable for your business

Your business may have some unique features and we understand that. We are ready for customization as per your business requirements at a competitive cost.

Employee Leave & Attendance

Employee Leave Management Software

Manage your daily attendance records with the integrated DucisHR Payroll. This helps in generating salary invoices according to employees' working days.

Ducis HRMS is a complete attendance management system. It includes Real-Time Attendance Processing, the ability to capture attendance and biometric data, and integration with payroll and leave management systems. These features are all well-designed so you can optimize your team for increased efficiency.

Employee Leave & Attendance

Employee Leave & Attendance

Manage attendance of employees who are working on onsite projects or any company need. A regularization request can be created, and the attendance will be added to the registry on approving it.

If you need to create a company policy around leaves, it will make task and project scheduling a lot easier. With flextime, work and non-work days can be defined by your organization. Employees will then have the option to schedule their own time off.


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