Visitor Management System

Benefits of using Visitor Management System

No register book needed

A key feature of the visitor management system is the ability to eliminate the need for a traditional paper register book. With this feature, all visitors' information is stored electronically, allowing for easy access and retrieval.

Effortlessly check in all guests

With this feature, the sign-in process is streamlined and efficient, allowing visitors to quickly and easily register their information. This could include name, contact information, the purpose of visit, and any required identification.

Approve guests from any location

For visitors who arrive without prior notification, the entry process is streamlined. The residents receive a notification on their VMS app, asking for their approval for the visitor to enter. With a single click, the visitor can get access.

Better tracking and accountability

Visitor Management Software can keep a record of who has entered and left a building, and when, which can be useful for security purposes or compliance with regulations.

Visitor Management System

Enterprise Visitor Management System

A Visitor Management System is a software solution that helps organizations manage the flow of visitors in a secure and efficient manner. VMS is also used to streamline the overall visitor experience. By allowing visitors to pre-register and schedule their visits in advance, organizations can ensure that they are prepared to meet their needs.

It's no wonder that VMS is becoming an increasingly popular solution for organizations of all sizes. From small businesses to large corporations, a VMS can help to improve security, efficiency, and customer service.

Visitor Management System

Streamline Visitor Registration with Our Advanced Visitor Management System Software

Splice Global's Visitor Management System is designed for businesses or commercial enterprise proprietors to easily register visitors or guests and track their activities from the entrance to the exit.

This complete web application, which utilizes the latest web technologies, streamlines the process of examining visitors and improves the overall visitor experience. Additionally, it can be integrated with an Access Control System for added security and improved visitor management operations.


Features at a Glance

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Frequently Asked Questions

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