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SLA Based

Providing a solution within a timeline is one of the crucial success factors of any business. We bring complete transparency in sync. with the SLA.

White Label Solution

The white-label solution helps you to get personalized branding for your business. The solution will be deployed for you with your brand name.

Barcode Based Inventory

We provide an integrated solution to generate barcodes or QR codes for the assets, which can be directly printed. The same inventory further can be scanned by using any standard barcode or QR code scanner.

Customizable for your business

Your business may have some unique features and we understand that. We are ready for customization as per your business requirements at a competitive cost.

Our Benefits

Remember what matters most, your customers

Our solution is customer focused and helps you maintain a transparent service timeline in your business. It notifies you and your manager in the hierarchy within a timeframe to be on top of each task. With its aging and SLA reports, you can take a deep dive and find out the areas where it needs to be focused more. It also helps you plan your resources based on the workload. 

- Workflow Management
- Customisation Available
- Ready APIs for Third Party Integrations
- Easy to use
- Multiple reporting and dashboards for Management

Our Benefits

Access the information you need, when you need it

The support ticketing application is suitable for both service and product-based companies. It comes with inbuilt inventory management mapped with tickets. The application is capable of generating ready-to-print barcodes or QR codes for the inventory. The same barcode or QR Code can be scanned with any standard barcode or QR code scanner. We also have an app-based QR Code or Barcode scanner.

- Available on both Web and Mobile
- Inventory Management Application
- Barcode or QR Code based Inventory
- Generate ready to print Barcode or QR Code for inventory


Features at a Glance

Support Desk
Service Executive
For Company
For Customer

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What does ticketing software do?
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