Creative Ways of Using Technology While Working From Home

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Creative Ways of Using Technology While Working From Home

Most of us are going to work from home for the foreseeable future. It is need- less to mention that technology has facilitated a pretty transition to this phase.

From virtual meetings to collaborative work on cloud-based software. The scope of options and potential is simply infinite. All you have to do is unleash your creative instincts to make the best of the opportunity and enhance your individual and team productive quotient. 

1. Create flexible meeting hours

Offices are bound by set timings, but the best benefit of virtual meetings is of convenience. You don’t have to stick to a specific time-band. Check with the team and work out a mutually convenient slot. This will ensure that everyone can give their hundred percent. Additionally, keep aside half an hour to interact with the team, understand if they are facing any challenges and help unwind.

2. Use online appreciation tools for boosting team morale

Simple stuff like an online thumbs up or clapping emoji can become your tools of enhancing the team’s morale while dealing with current challenges. Acknowledge their hard work and openly appreciate their initiatives through public appreciation forum. This will, no doubt, incentivize them to push their boundaries further.

3. Use tools to organize in a color-coded exciting fashion

Organizing files and work memos is important. But one of the biggest challenges of work from home is keeping a tab on them in a cohesive fashion. You can easily take the help of any online organizing tools and make it creatively color-coded for your convenience.

4. Seek online solutions to break down your to-do list

Time management is one of the biggest banes of work from home. But do not let the workload overwhelm you. Download any of the online solutions that help you create a to-do list and break it down into small easily executable nuggets. These also give you the option to set up alarms for the same.

5. Streamline your communication channels

Streamline your communication channels using a variety of online tools. This will offer more clarity, especially in the absence of face-to-face meetings and other outdoor engagements. This often rules out the scope of misunderstanding and potential doubling of work in cohesive and collected fashion. You can easily install any of the wide tech options available to organize your files, emails and hasten up the communication pace with customers, vendors and employees alike.


Technology today comes across an enabler of quality work as well as a solution to enhance your productivity. Perception is a key aspect of this. But more than that, you need to be imaginative about how you use technology. That will help you achieve the most amount of creative input from it. Remember, it is all about application and consistent innovation that will make work from home a memorable experience. You do not have to sacrifice your family time, and at the same time, this enables you to make the most of your office hours.