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How Can Digital Twins Help In Planning and Product Development

Innovation is the name of the game in the current context. As the digital revolution is set to sweep the world in the aftermath of COVID,

Companies are increasingly looking for a digital way to stay ahead of the curve in product development. Digital twins, in that context, are the latest poster boys of product development. Its role in augmenting the retail customer experience as well as product planning is fast emerging as a definitive point in giving companies an edge to get past the competition.

Product Planning

The biggest advantage with digital twins is that they are driven by data and involve a detailed product representation. As a result, it helps you visualize a product virtually. The sensors and digital attributes help manufacturers gain better insight into the product. It enables them to innovate and plan improvement without investing in an actual model. As a result, the expenses involved in the product planning stage come down significantly. This makes scaling up more affordable, and as a result, the cash flow of companies also improves, and they can channelize their resources more holistically.

Product Development

Digital twins are playing a key role in revolutionizing the product development stage for manufacturers. Somewhere, the easy access to insightful details and the virtual simulation of digital models is enhancing the overall acceptance and innovation potential of the R&D teams across industries. This virtual representation makes an early testing cakewalk. Often for companies, this gives them the flexibility of being the first time right. In many ways, that reduces the potential of faults and bottlenecks in many aspects and expedites the overall process to a large extent over a point of time.

Needless to mention that it reduces the costs involved in physical testing and even in terms of time taken, this is a win all situation for the companies keen on offering new products to their clients. 

Another reason why product development gets a definitive flip is that digital twins make multiple tests of concepts significantly easier. It becomes significantly simpler to run simultaneous tests and zero in on a key aspect. This is also a big facilitator of the first-time right aspect. It gives companies the flexibility to try more products and develop a significantly larger portfolio of options and opportunities.


Therefore digital twins act as a key enabler for manufacturers who have their eyes on the future. As our lives become increasingly connected, these digital twins offer great potential across product domains. As the Industry 4.0 expands the scope of potential, planning and development, digital twins are fast emerging as the quintessential crystal ball that helps you gaze into the future in a constructive way. It helps them prepare for future challenges and develop the much-needed edge to stay ahead of the curve and retain market share in a meaningful way. What is an absolute deal sweetener is that it is both cost and time-efficient.