Python / Django Application Development

Python is the Core of our Expertise !

We prefer to work in Python / Django technology and framework for most of the backend development work. We have delivered more than 70 applications so far using Python / Django Technology.

Looking for offsite development in python / Django technology. You are at the right place. Splice Global is one of the leading software development companies providing offshore development in Gurugram, India. We have our development center in Gurugram, India.

We have developed multiple web and mobile applications with Python / Django as backend technology and ReactJS / AndroidJS as a frontend framework. We also use Google Material or Microsoft Office Fiber for the frontend UI framework.

Omnichannel Commerce Application Development

A bespoke solution that can functionally scale from the smallest to the largest of enterprises

  • Website with content & commerce on Web & Progressive Mobile App. Seamlessly Integrated with commerce Engine.
  • Hosting on Private or Public Cloud Infrastructure.
  • Seamless Integration with Major POS brands
  • Inbuilt Mobile POS for retail stores
  • Integrated Business Intelligence Tool for Quick & Consolidated Reporting
  • Seamless Integration with Major ERP System like Microsoft Dynamics NAV, SAP, Oracle ERP

python django

Amazon Marketplace Application Development

Amazon MWS integration with different business cases for 10+ applications

  • Amazon MWS API integration to get Seller Products, Order, Feedback, Payment, Deposits, Transaction etc.
  • Developed Analytical Dashboard to get meaningful business data with simple UI and Graph
  • Manage your product & inventory for all major marketplace from one place i.e. Amazon, Etsy, Walmart, ebay
  • Get order wise gross and net profit in your dashboard
  • Get AI enabled sentiment analysis report for your customer feedback
  • Provide integration with major Accounting Packages to push tax / accounting data

Amazon Marketplace Application Development

Coupon Sharing and Analytics Platform

One single platform to Share your post / coupon to multiple social media channels / email and WhatsApp

  • Create your post / coupon with a predefined set of template or order a new custom template
  • Share your coupon / post with Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Viber, WhatsApp, Email or SMS
  • Get a unique URL for your post and access it as mini-site for your brand
  • Get analytical report on the activities on social media for your post including no. of like, comment, share etc.
  • Join as a reseller online and start your earning

Coupon Sharing and Analytics Platform

Online Ticket Support Application

Suitable for almost all the verticals. An easy to use Online Ticket Support Application

  • Manage your Support Team, Customer Service Agent and Head of Administrator
  • Portal for Head of Administration, Key Account Manager and Customer Service Agent
  • Graphical Dashboard for all stakeholders
  • Strong Notification System on dashboard / email and also configurable to send as SMS
  • Available on Cloud or on Premise installation mode
  • Easy to Use UI requires almost no time to understand for the end user

Online Ticket Support Application
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Our Approach

Stage #1 Project Info Gathering

Let's Sign an NDA

We usually start the project with a Non disclosure agreement. We believe it's your idea and your hard earned investment. Let's sign a mutual agreed NDA.

High Level Information Gathering

It is fair to agree on an effort estimation before we start investing on each other. We gather high level project information and based on that and our previous working experience, we share our initial effort estimation. We agree on this before we proceed. Both pricing and timeline.

Signing a contract

We both agree now. Thank you !. Let's sign a contract. This document also contains our responsibilities and high level scope of work in an annexure as agreed earlier with the estimated price and timeline.

Project Info Gathering
Stage #2 Planning

Let's Create a Low Level document

This covers low level features based on the High Level Scope agreed. This defines actual features and action on all the features, different roles, user access control etc. Once we both agree. Let's exchange it and get an agreement on email as a formal agreement.

Process & Communication Tool Setup

We strictly follow standard process and hence we setup project & task management tool, communication tool for all the stakeholders, code version management tool, bug tracking application to manage all the processes effectively.

Stage #3 Design UI/UX

Mockup & Prototypes

We create project mockup and prototypes before we jump to the development and this is the stage where our client start seeing something visual. We understand this is critical and get the feedback from all the stakeholders on how the application will look visually.

UI / UX Design

This is one of the most critical stage. The application color, theme, font, overall look and feel and most important the experience of the application from the user perspective get finalised.

Let's brainstorm more

We show you couple of similar applications we have designed earlier or application from your competitor for your reference. Afterall, we have to be better.

Design UI/UX
Stage #4 Development

Defining Architecture

This is a critical decision and also depends on your business expansion plan, deployment strategy, etc. We agree either to go as monolithic architecture, service oriented architecture, microservice based architecture or serverless architecture.

Finalising Technology Stack

There are multiple technology or framework to achieve the same however each has its own advantages or limitation. Based on business need, we decide UI Framework, Frontend JS Framework, Backend Technology and database.

Stage #5 QA and UAT

Iterative QA

Since we follow sprint wise release and hence our QA approach is also applicable same way. We make sure you get tested release.

User Acceptance Test (UAT)

We are developing application for you hence you must be a part of review system and provide your immediate feedback with every release and give a go ahead.

Setting up Bug Tracking Tool

Every task and activities must be monitored and should be trackable. Hence we set up a bug tracking system to capture any bug with their details and further status like open, in-progress or closed.

QA and UAT
Stage #6 Deployment

Setting up Staging & Production Environment

The staging environment is setup for the review & UAT. Once we get a go ahead, the same feature gets deployed on Production.

Continuous Deployment (CD) & Continuous Integration (CI)

We use tools for the continuous deployment and continuous integration to make the overall deployment process seamless.


Frequently Ask Questions

The cost of a Python project depends on various factors such as project complexity, project category, development platform, number of features you need, etc. Contact us with your requirement to know the estimated development cost.

Building a Python project depends on certain factors such as design complexity, development platform, testing, feature and functionality, and many more. Contact us with your requirement to know the estimated time period.

There are numerous benefits of choosing Splice Global for your project development. Some of them are: 10+ Years of experience Transparency & Communication Agile development process On time project delivery Robust support system

Yes, we consider search engine guidelines while developing a website.

Yes, we provide free support once a website or an app goes live. After that, we provide paid support at very minimal cost.

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