Powerpoint Based Prototypes

Why Powerpoint Prototypes ?

Most of the people are familiar with PowerPoint as this is one of the major tools for sales and business re-presentations. The business team is one of the main stakeholders for the feedback / input during the product development process. Hence using PowerPoint to create a prototype encourages business team active participation.

It enables active participation !!!

It is easy and takes less time to create prototypes in PowerPoint. The powerpoint tool is available in almost everyone's notebook. The majority of the business and sales team is familiar with Powerpoint Tool and how it functions. So their participation becomes much easier.

Powerpoint Prototypes

Some of the key features of developing a prototype in Powerpoint

  • It is easy
  • Powerpoint tool is already popular
  • It is fast
  • The team is already familiar with its functions
  • Increased productivity and speed

Why Choose Us for Powerpoint based Prototype Designs?

Splice Global has a dedicated team of UI / UX developers with 10+ years of experience. Our team works in a close coordination with client's stakeholder and take the input in details. Over a period, team has worked with 50+ applications including Amazon Marketplace, Loan Application, Face Recognition App, e-Commerce, Social Application, Cab Booking Applications, Admin and Management Dashboard, CRM and many more...

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