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Why Visual Prototypes are important for Mobile Apps !!!

Are you planning to develop an app? Let's get its visuals ready. Yes, you got it right!
Most of the concept starts from a high level idea and when it comes to visuals, a lot of re-thinking is required. At the prototyping stage, the business users are able to visualize his concept to reality and at this stage only, more than 90% of brainstorming and scope finalization take place. The visuals prototyping also helps to prioritize the functional release of the app. Since all the features can not be expected at one go hence making a release in version is always recommended and prioritization of these features is mostly a business decision.

Prototype Screen

Prototyping & Mockup Tools

JustIn MindJustIn Mind
Microsoft VisioMicrosoft Visio

Frequently Ask Questions

If you have chooses AngularJS or ReactJS for your frontend development technology and if you already have PSD or HTML ready for your application. It may take 4- 6 weeks to complete upto 15 - 20 pages of application.

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