Investor Deck

An Effective Investor Pitch Deck

An Investor pitch deck is a brief presentation that provides investors with an overview of your business, mission / vision, your products, services, business model, opportunity size, your customer, a brief monetization strategy, core team details. An effective investors pitch deck represents briefly about the product / services or idea to a prospective investors. The idea to keep it brief is to share brief overview in less time to investor. Once investor shows their interest in the investor pitch deck, they may ask further detailed document like Business Plan or Financial Breakdown.

Investor Pitch Deck

Essentials of an Investor Pitch Deck

  • Company Overview
  • Problem Statement
  • Solution / Product / Services
  • Target Market / Region
  • Opportunity
  • Business Model
  • Monetization Strategy
  • Core Team

How we assist

Splice Global has a team of professionals team members / partners who are specialized in the related vertical and have decades of experience working and delivering Investor Pitch / Business Plans to many startups and help them presented their ideas to potential investors.

We assist startups in every stage of achieving their goals. We do help to validate the idea and their feasibility and viability.

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