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Let's get into action with HTML Prototypes

Designing Prototypes in HTML enables a complete visibility on how the application will work, its navigation, look and feel, overall user interface and experience to the users. It is a real product with dummy data. It also gives an experience across the platform and devices. Working with HTML prototypes is preferred if stakeholders have clear understanding of the project requirements. Hence the concept is converted into HTML prototypes and any final changes on navigation, User Interface, Look and Feel, Color / font etc. can be changed at this level.

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Some of the advantages of developing HTML Prototypes

  • Minimize the development effort
  • Across platform and Across Device experience
  • Realtime product experience
  • Ease of change management
  • Fast development and ease of adapting change request
  • Compatible with most of the web development technologies

Why Choose Splice Global for HTML Prototype Development ?

Splice Global has a dedicated team specialised in HTML, Bootstrap, Google Material and Microsoft Fiber frontend framework with overall 11+ years of experience. We have designed and developed several projects including ERP with Interactive Dashboard with rich graphs and tabular data, CRM with dynamic reports, multiple dashboards for management and decision makers etc.

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