Financial Analysis

Importance & Role of Financial Analysis in Business Plan

Any business can not be developed without planning and Financial Planning and projections are something which defines at what level we are actually eyeing to take our business. A business plan is not useful if it does not have a financial plan or a financial projections. The financial plan has to reflect all the financial aspects of the entire business plan. The financial analysis of a business is the most concrete practical part of the business plan. A healthy financial analysis requires accurate and detailed data that are collected for the case purpose on which a business plan has been created.

An effective Financial planning or Financial projections are dependent on multiple factors including the state of the economy and industry, competitive environment, Technological Advancements, Seasonality Factors, Demographic Changes and so on. Hence financial projections should also not be very aggressive.

Key details of Financial Analysis

  • Assumptions : as it is still plan and not executed
  • Products & Services - Source of Revenue Generations
  • Projected Revenues
  • Projected Expenses
  • Projected Profit & Loss
  • Projected Cash Flow Statement
  • Projected Balance Sheet
  • Company Valuation (YtY)
  • Investment / Fund Requirements
  • Shareholders Pattern (Current & Future)

Financial Analysis with Splice Global

Splice Global professional expertise includes helping startups to shapeup their strategy with a professional maturity and make it presentable to the potential investors for their products and ideas, helping them to prepare a Business Plan including financial projections and get them ready. Financial Projections or Financial Analysis is one of the critical part among different aspects of Business plans.

We have helped startups with the financial projections upto USD 200 million upto 5 years of planning and projections. Worked with startups in India, Canada, New York, Texas, Czech Republic, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Japan and other parts of countries.

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