Business Plan

An effective Business Plan

The purpose of an effective Business Plan may vary based on different needs of the business. The business plan for an already established company can be different from a startup. We have expertise in creating Business Plan for startups looking for funds for their business to start and expand.

Our team works closely with the client and other stakeholders to capture the idea and thought process in details. We document the entire discussion and consolidate them to freeze the idea, this is critical!

Essentials of Business Plan

Business Plan is ideally a 50 - 70 pages document or can be less as it depends on business need. It contains complete detail of the business and its needs for the prospective investor / business owner. The major component of an effective business plan includes : Executive Summary, About the Company, Business & Product Description, Industry & Market analysis, Competition Analysis, Key Management & Personnel, Financial Forecasts including Sales Forcast, Feasibility Analysis, Cash Flow, Profit & Loss (projected), Balance Sheet (projected), YtY Company Valuation, Shareholders Pattern, Investment Breakdown etc.

Business Plan

Financial Projections - Key Factors

  • Assumptions - Cost / Fee as per Product & Service
  • Revenue Projections
  • Expense Summary
  • Manpower / Hiring
  • Projected Cashflow
  • Projected P & L
  • Projected Balance Sheet

Why Splice Global for business Plan Development?

Splice Global has a team of professionals team members / partners who are specialized in the related vertical and have decades of experience working and delivering Investor Pitch / Business Plans to many startups and help them presented their ideas to potential investors.

We assist startups in every stage of achieving their goals. We do help to validate the idea and their feasibility and viability.

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