What Makes For a Winning Pitch Deck- Our Guide with Top Tips

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What Makes For a Winning Pitch Deck- Our Guide with Top Tips

In the current situation, opportunities are coming up every day, but funding is limited and conventional job opportunities are depleting.

The need of the hour is to create a pitch deck that will surely unleash the funding gates for you and help kickstart your venture. But the question is, how you do that. It is a game of gauging the investor mood and presenting the best possible case to them.

1. Create a focused message

It is imperative to ascertain what you plan to achieve and how. Give a clear and constructive idea to your potential investor. Create a one-sentence essence of your core business idea and how you plan to achieve it. Often that is what will stay with your investor. Make it catchy and easy to recollect. These VCs or investors are listening to a host of proposals. Try and make a difference through crisp, clear and concise messaging.

2. Exact idea of market size

You may have a great product and you may be convinced but how to make the investors believe in you? The easiest way is to give them hard facts. Tell them about the current market size and the potential sales target for you. Draw up a tentative list of the customers who will be interested, and you can add to the customer base. Also, give a plan about how you plan to convert the projected customer base into a financially viable force.

3. Your unique selling point

This brings to the point that highlights the importance of the business USP in your pitch. It does not just tell investors what makes your business concept unique, but also why it makes financial sense to invest in your business. It gives them a clear picture and realistic idea about how they can optimize their returns by investing in your business and the overall profitability they can expect. Your proprietary tech and expertise also need to be appropriately highlighted in this aspect.

4. Your financial plan

You have to be very careful about how you approach the financial planning for your project. Don’t give the investor that you have left everything on them. There should be a constructive plan of action and, at the same time, be very clear about the ask amount from the investor too. Also, keep a backup plan in place. All in all, the investor must be convinced that you have the wherewithal to make the project work.


You must remember that the investor will only put their money when they are convinced about the return prospects. Both the plan and the execution roadmap have to be clear and concise. That alone will create a convincing plan. Remember, these investors hear multiple proposals at any given time. Your pitch deck has to be gripping enough for them to sit up and take notice. That is what will get you the much-needed funding. These tips can help you get exactly this edge.