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ReactJS vs AngularJS

In our daily life, we come across a lot of web applications that are very useful, to be honest. ReactJS and AngularJS are two major frameworks for frontend development that develop these applications. They do the same thing and both of them are built on JavaScript which is yet another similarity.

Before you get into this article, there are certain heads under which these two frameworks are compared. It is not necessarily a comparison always but it can also be a showcase of how these two works differently but does the job, at the end of the day which is the most interesting perspective.

On The Basis Of Implementation

AngularJS can also be seen as a full-fledged user-friendly framework that has many features and options directly which makes the work much easier and much faster. On the other hand, ReactJS is an open-source JavaScript library that is actually for the people who want better customization without relying on the options pre-available inside the framework.

To use ReactJS, external component libraries are supposed to be installed and used and if you have the knowledge to that, you can customize any web application the way you want without worrying about the limitations of options out there.

On The Basis Of Architecture

AngularJS is made in such a way with MVVM (Model-View-View-Model) that the list of tools is huge and there are a number of complex features.

ReactJS is supposed to be used with Redux, Flux and so on.

On The Basis Of Performance

Communication in AngularJS is great because it uses the asynchronous mode. This way, the entrances to the server is limited which is why pages load faster in comparison. It also has a visual interface which is very likely to be opted by beginners all around. Overall, it increases the speed of design. AngularJS is even better. There are a lot of extra things which can be done under this framework which allows super flexibility and comfort to work for the professionals. It creates web applications that are very easy to navigate and the main reason behind it is the allowance of customization to a huge extent.

Discussing ReactJS, we cannot say the same because it offers a comparatively low performance when it comes to applications that are complex. Apart from that, virtual DOM allows simple applications to open much faster.

On The Basis Of Scalability

AngularJS is definitely easier to scale because of the great intuitive design that it comes with.

ReactJs is more on the lower hand when it comes to scalability because they are mainly testable.

On The Basis Of Variety Of Templates

AngularJS not only comes with directives but also you can create a new directive and work with it. This compatibility makes it extremely powerful.

ReactJS doesn’t have directives/templates. Any time you wish to write a template logic, you are to write it inside the template itself and that limits a lot.

On The Basis Of Dependency Injection

The built-in container for AngularJS makes components reusable and massively maintainable which ReactJS doesn’t have. AngularJS automatically finds all the appropriate injected objects which is of much help.

There are definitely instrument modules that can be included to make ReactJS work fine with the injected objects