Key Software Languages to Master During The Lockdown

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Key Software Languages to Master During The Lockdown

Covid-19 and the lockdown to contain its manic spread has led to some interesting developments. One of the most striking ones is, no doubt, the rush to master new skills and learn new things.

While it might be culinary for some, it is computers for the others. Most precisely, for many, this free time is also a great opportunity to brush up their software understanding and programming language skills. Often the question that follows is which languages to concentrate on and what has maximum scope? Here is a lowdown on some of the most popular and cost-effective programming languages. These don’t just enhance your repertoire but also add to your qualifications.

1. Python

This is, by far, the most in-demand programming language. It is an open source language that is relatively easy to learn and grasp. The syntax is easy to use, and this language is primarily used for developing critical applications. These are mostly related to AI or artificial intelligence and machine learning. The advantage of python is that it enables programs using fewer codes and is a good point to start learning languages. There are several tutorial options that one can opt for mastering Python.

2. Ruby on Rails

This is one app that is well adapted for building apps more than adding to the backend of the web apps. This is both relatively easy to write and convenient to scale up language that offers massive potential for those mastering it. The best part is that it is very well integrated with Python.

3. Swift

This is a specific Apple programming language that is useful in building iOS apps. The recent updates to this language have also added a touch of versatility and context to it. There are a series of tutorials on various aspects of this language, easily available on the internet.

4. JavaScript

This is amongst the topmost languages that software employers look for. Therefore, it is a great option to master during the lockdown. The fact that it results in making potential coding safer surely adds to the appeal of this programming language. The other major advantage of this language is the decided thrust on fundamentals.

5. Kotlin

This is an app that is typically geared for developing Android Apps. Though, not at par with the likes of Python, it is often seen as one with the potential to replace Java. Easy accessibility of online tutorials and clear application benefits add to its charm.


These are not just some handy programming languages but also ones that open up a host of opportunities for you. Given the time constraint, these languages are also some options that help you optimize the investment that is associated with it. These are ones that promise maximum value for money and create a comprehensive database of knowledge boosters. These are also the ones that are expected to have maximum demand once economies open up in full form after this initial wave of COVID.