How the Covid-19 Promoted the Use of Technology in Education

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How the Covid-19 Promoted the Use of Technology in Education

The COVID-19 pandemic led to a halt in various activities across the globe; several governments halted activities that involved the coming together of groups of people. Unfortunately, one of the activities included education; thus, most children were homeschooled. To advance education and ensure the safety of people across the globe, technology was widely encouraged and utilized.

Below are various benefits provided by the technology to promote education:

1. Effective communication through Virtual Learning

The pandemic created a phrase known as virtual learning, where students attended classes using internet platforms. Since the children were learning at home, parents had to ensure that they accomplished their tasks as instructed by the teacher. This activity thus ensured that parents had a hand in their children's education.

2. Narrowing the development difficulties in some children

The pandemic ensured that the teachers, tutors, and parents provided children with sufficient attention. If one of the parties noticed difficulty with the child's capabilities, then extra time and attention are given to the child. If more attention is awarded to the child, they would learn more to develop their talents and abilities.

3. A flexible form of education is created through Google Classrooms

The traditional form of education consisted of a teacher in the classroom with a group of students; following the pandemic, a new form of education was created. The new form was influenced by technology and the school's capacity to utilize the various platforms, including Google classrooms and zoom. These applications are scheduled with the time and availability of the teacher or the party in control. Depending on the age of the students, a class can be scheduled at any time.

4. Increase the education section in the national budget

Following the devastating impact caused by the pandemic, several governments are looking for solutions to minimize its effects on the economy. The pandemic influenced an increase in prices and scarcity of commodities; thus, several businesses closed down, and others barely met their targets. However, governments and international organizations, including UNESCO, are researching effective methods to preserve or increase the funds issued to the education sector.

5. Significant challenges associated with technology

The impact of technology on education bore both positive and negative impacts. Previous studies revealed that several children worldwide do not have adequate access to technology or internet services. This plight affects a child's development as they drag behind due to a lack of resources.

6. Maintaining traditional methods of education

Several learning institutions across the globe have not embraced the modern forms of education; thus, it is not easy to introduce online methods. Traditional learning methods drag the education process as the pandemic's effects are increasing day by the day; from the Omicron Variant to increased fuel costs, traditional forms of education have become a nuisance rather than a tool of success.

In the End

Education is crucial in creating the future of any nation. The pandemic drew severe effects on the education sector; thus, creating awareness of its fragile state is necessary: however, with the world’s current state, the crippling fear that the education sector might be diminished is crippling.