Has Covid-19 Pandemic resulted in the biggest Corporate Cultural Shift?

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Has Covid-19 Pandemic resulted in the biggest Corporate Cultural Shift

This might be a long awaiting trial and demand across the corporate world what this Covid-19 pandemic has made the need of the time and hence the Work From Home became the reality as a full-time requirement.

Various organizations at different levels were trying to give flexibility to employees to work from home and several organizations also included in their HR policies a restricted number of days to be allowed to Work From Home, however, the productivity of employees was not certain while they were working from home.

Work from Home or WFH in short has become a part of the HR process for most organizations. Several organization events brought this flexibility for their employees to keep working from home for the next several months and years. As the pandemic resulted compulsory work from home made them realize its benefits to organizations and employees.

Saving Employees' Precious Time

It is said by several researchers that an average employee spends 2 hours of daily commuting to the office. This makes an average of 8.5% of the time they spend in commuting to the office or 25% in addition to their official working hours. The process shifts towards work from home or WFH resulting in a huge saving in terms of time spent by employees commuting to the office.

Increased Productivity

We all are human beings and we also get tired. Huge Traffic, driving to the office, seating in crowded public transport, and rushing to office have a lot of impact on employees overall productivity. Commuting to the office in the morning during peak hours or returning back again during peak hours is never a comfortable experience for most employees, especially in metropolitan cities. The paradigm shift towards Work From Home culture has resulted in breaking this activity from our day-to-day life hence we start fresh with the fullest of our energy to contribute the productivity to its highest.

9x6 vs. Task-based Delivery

It is true to say there is one thing that is constant and that is Change. The corporate culture has seen and experienced the phenomenon of change. There are organizations that still believe in 9x6 work culture but we can see a different work culture with young generation leaders and organizations. Who believes more in delivery than 9 or 10 hours shift work culture. In the WFH culture, it is practiced by default as you are not physically available to your team members all the time hence managers are more focused on the delivery of the work than working for a fixed time shift. Hence the discipline is intact but has come up with much more responsibility and is more delivery oriented, which directly has an impact on overall enhanced productivity.