10 Ways in Which Technology Can Help Combat Any Pandemic

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10 Ways in Which Technology Can Help Combat Any Pandemic

The pandemic has set a new normal in place globally, and it won’t be wrong to say that technology has pretty much been a game-changer today.

From the treatment methods to the running of the economy and everything in between, our lives were never as heavily dependent on technology as it is today. Here is a quick look at some of the top ten ways that technology can help:

1. Quality healthcare remotely

From monitoring patients remotely to analyzing biometric data from wearable, the possibilities are immense. There are many options including telenursing, digital assistance to monitoring respiratory systems remotely and digital stethoscope, the possibilities are immense. 

2. Effective diagnostics

This also ensures that technology makes diagnostics even more effective. From disease detection to chatbots for continuous diagnosis to virtual care, there is practically no limit where you can stretch science to enhance medical care.

3. Ensuring regular sanitation and disinfection

Sanitation and disinfection are crucial in times of pandemic. Now AI and robots can make these a striking reality even without the need to expose precious human life to infection.

4. Better monitoring and contact tracing

Several different types of mobile applications can be used to monitor the growth rate of the pandemic, the recovery rate, and the pattern of spread. That enhances better tracking of potential patients and carriers.

5. Geofencing to contain the infection

Many technical applications are being used to spread this information and create virtual geofencing to contain the disease's spread.

6. Efficient and fast supply of medicines

Drones can be used to transfer medicine fast to wherever there is need effectively. It enhances patient care by many notches.

7. Enabling working remotely

Technology today has simplified working remotely like never before. Even when people cannot move out of their homes and cannot travel across countries, the internet, coupled with virtual meeting platforms and work platforms, make sure work is going without being disturbed.

8. Helping in emergency factory operations

Keeping the economy functional during a pandemic is as important as providing appropriate healthcare. AI, coding and robots can help in effectively bringing in order and cutting through the chaos.

9. Digital retail using AR and VR

In times of social distancing, how do you address your retail craving? Now AR and VR are making it possible to buy even a car after a test drive sitting in your living room. They take you on a virtual joy ride.

10. Contact-less deliveries

Robots can be used for delivery of essentials to people when movement is restricted. Drones can also be used to track parcels, food, and whatever else you may have ordered online. It completely does away with the need to expose yourself to the risk of infection.


It won’t be wrong to say that technology is pretty much acting as an enabler in dealing with any crisis or pandemic. The above 10 ways are not just helping you deal with Covid-19 better but any such pandemic. In many ways, technology is, in fact, giving wings to man’s imagination in every conceivable way.