Organisation Reputation Management (ORM)

Reputation Management (ORM) Services

AI based users sentiment analysis - Turning bad reviews to a positive talk

Bad reviews over the internet creates doubt in the mind of potential buyers. However good your product or services are once the customer sees a bad review you loses a chance to convert. We at Splice Global make sure to save you from such a situation. Our methods are organic and if required we connect with unhappy party and try to make an amend.

We provide services for both corporate and personal reputation management.

Digital Marketing
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We take full leverage of available social channels and usage volume among the target audience

We are different because we know being digital is a journey that never ends. We are different because we are passionate for what we do. Not for sake of it, but passionate enough to deliver the solutions and not getting paid for it. Yes, you heard it right. We have had those experiences too where we passionately got the dreams of our clients delivered to them and they walked off quietly once they had what they wanted. But, that also couldn’t hold us back, because we know that a digital journey never ends, neither for us and nor for you.

We have CONNECTED sellers with buyers, influencers with followers like never before and social media has helped immensely to maintain that connect. Social media is not what many perceive it to be. It’s not advertising, but the only way of communicating, engaging and interacting with target audience. A content driven dialogue with existing and potential users beats any form of advertising hands-down and social proofing we have created for our clients are an apt testimony to this fact.

Key Benefits of Reputation Management

  • Builds trust among the target audience & potential buyers.
  • Chances of conversion become higher.
  • Customer Engagement
  • Competitive Edge among your peers
  • Monitoring and controlling online narrative
  • Improvement in the proces based upon the reports.
  • Better customer support

Why Splice Global to manage your digital reputation ?

We have designed HAPPY USER EXPERIENCES by mapping a customer’s journey through various digital platforms for a seamless, synchronized and uniform experience irrespective of the medium chosen to avail that experience.

We are proactive, detail oriented and organised team of professionals who will study every online aspect or narrative available on the internet for your products and services. Our strategies are mostly white hat organic methods to ensure stable results from our campaigns.

Frequently Ask Questions

Online Reputation Management, also called ORM, is the practice to create/maintain positive branding for a company, person, product, or service on the Internet and digital platforms.

Having a strong reputation on digital platforms or online is very important for growth of a business. People research brands, products and services online before they make a purchase decision. A healthy reputation may help you increase sales, build trust & credibility.

It’s an ongoing process and suggesting a timeline in ORM is not possible as it depends on the various factors like how authoritative a link is, what is our end goal, and what plan a client has opted for.

ORM services can cost from $550 a month to $1250 a month. This fee covers content writing, profile creations, and other link syndication activities which eventually help you establish a positive branding.

As a leading software development company, we offer a wide range of internet marketing services. Our services include web design and development, mobile app development and digital marketing.

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