Interactive Prototypes

How Interactive Prototype Benefits !

A prototype is a preliminary visual mock-up that looks like a real application, and that demonstrates an app's fundamental design and function, but does not contain working code. Developing any Software Application requires a team effort having expertise in different phases of software development life cycle. Before planning the development or identifying the right technology, it is important for the team to understand the requirements of the application. By creating Interactive Prototyping it helps team to have a visual understanding before the actual development begins.

Tools for Interactive Prototype

There are multiple tools available to create interactive prototypes. We design prototypes based on the concept note and briefing of the product / application by the stakeholders. There are a couple of iterations of the final work delivered. The prototype makes the delivery more quantifiable and predictable in terms of time, effort and overall budget planning.

Interactive Prototype

Some of the key benefits of Interactive Prototype

  • Bringing the user interface design to life
  • Allowing users to provide valuable feedback within the proper context
  • Collaborate with team in almost realtime for quick feedback
  • Helping reduce overall development time
  • Acting as a useful reference tool for developers
  • Confirming a common vision among users and stakeholders
  • Creating excitement within the organization

Why Choose Us for Interactive Prototype Designs?

Splice Global has a dedicated team of UI / UX developers with 10+ years of experience. Over a period, team has worked with 50+ applications including Amazon Marketplace, Loan Application, Face Recognition App, e-Commerce, Social Application, Cab Booking Applications, Admin and Management Dashboard, CRM and many more...

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