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Why Choose Splice Global for AngularJS Development?

Looking to hire Angular developers to build your web app? At Splice Global, we have a pool of talented developers who are well-versed in developing highly interactive, user-friendly, and scalable web applications for startups enterprise businesses regardless of size, industry verticals, and locations.

Our Angular Developer’s Expertise

We have a dedicated team of Angular developers with excellent expertise in all versions of AngularJS web development services. Some of the services we offer as an Angular development company include:

  • Angular Web App Development
  • Custom AngularJS Development
  • Platform Migration
  • UI/UX Development
  • Plugin Development
  • Upgrade & Maintenance

Benefits of Choosing Angular for Your Company

AngularJS is a JavaScript framework for building web applications. It is developed and maintained by Google and is used for creating dynamic and interactive user interfaces. There are several benefits of choosing AngularJS as a framework for building web applications, including:

Two-Way Data Binding

AngularJS automatically synchronizes the data between the model (the data) and the view (the UI), making it easier to create dynamic and responsive user interfaces.

Large Community

As one of the older and popular frameworks, AngularJS has a big community behind which means lots of modules, packages, and tutorials available to use.


With the introduction of Angular Universal in v2.0, AngularJS now also supports server-side rendering, which can improve the performance of web applications for users with slower internet connections.

MVC Architecture

AngularJS is built on the Model-View-Controller architecture which helps you to organize and structure the code in a much better way.

Reasons to Hire Angular Developers from Splice Global

  • Dedicated Team

    We have a dedicated team of Angular developers who are well-versed in developing high-quality and scalable web applications for clients all over the world.

  • Flexibility in Time Zones

    We are always ready to work on different time zones and adjust according to the client’s time zone for convenience. Hire our Angular developers today!

  • Cost-effective Solution

    We at Splice Global offer the highest quality Angular solutions at the lowest possible price to all our clients.

  • On-Time Delivery

    Our team of Angular developers leverages the latest tools and technologies that help us deliver 95% of the projects on time without compromising on quality.

Hire Our Angular Developers in 4 Easy Steps

  • step 1
    Share your
  • step 2
    We shortlist the most
    suitable talent.
  • step 3
    Select the right fit for
    your business.
  • step 4
    Remote Onboarding

Ready to start your dream project?

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Frequently Asked Questions

You have to prepare a list of tasks that the Angular developer wants to do and then choose the technology you want us to use and finalize the agreement with the sales team.
Splice Global’s highly qualified AngularJS developers will help you with multiple services including web app development, plugin development, maintenance support, single-page applications, and more.
Yes, you can hire AngularJS developers for short-term projects. It's important to clearly define the scope of the project and the specific skills you're looking for in a developer so that you can find the right candidate for your project.
The cost of hiring an AngularJS developer can vary depending on factors such as the developer's experience, location, and the specific requirements of your project.
Ideally, you should look for developers who have experience building web applications using AngularJS. This should include experience with AngularJS concepts like directives, controllers, and services, as well as experience with related technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
Angular is a powerful framework for building complex and dynamic web applications, and an Angular developer will have experience working with the framework, which can help to streamline development and reduce development time.
Yes, when you hire Angular Developers from Splice Global, we do sign NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) to protect your ideas, information, and data.
Hiring dedicated developers has multiple advantages like flexibility, cost-effectiveness, higher output, easy to handle, special skill sets, etc.

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