Computer Vision

Coexist with your Technology ecosystem to make it more robust, efficient and productive

Splice Global has delivered multiple applications around Computer Vision to meet the real-time use case and helped to achieve an enhanced and more efficient Technology ecosystem. We Coexist with you existing solutions to avoid duplicate effort and save investments.


Employee attendance with face recognition and detection
Capturing attendance of Employee is an important day to day activity of Human Resource department of any organization. People tend to miss either to use finger based or touch the card to mark the attendance daily on arrival or while leaving from office. Which leads to manual overrides in the existing attendance process

Splice Global has launched an attendance system which captures human faces and mark the presence into the system, It works automatically and keep identifying faces based on the existing employee profiles and hence mark their attendance.

While enlisting the face, it catches the relative face position, size, and state of the user’s eyes, nose, cheekbones, and jaw highlights. So even sometimes the representative wears the exhibitions and getting fat additionally not influenced. The framework can splendidly coordinate and confirm the employee.



Employee User Access Control with face recognition and detection
Company follows a hierarchy having various roles and their roles & responsibilities define their access to various area / cabin within the organization premises.

Our face recognition algorithm learns fast to recognize the employee faces and auto access of door opening is provided to the employee the way it is defined by the human resource authority of the organization.

We provide secured REST APIs access to enable it to communicate with third party HRMS or Payroll applications.


Some of the key highlights

  • Open Source and Community based development
  • Delivered Face Recognition / Detection application
  • Detect the sentiments of customers
  • Analyze images in real-time to detect objects and people

Why Choose Us for Computer Vision ?

Splice Global has experienced delivering various applications for different use cases including facerecognition & detection app, Face recognition based attendance system, emotion analysis, OCR Recognition, Customer Sentiment Analysis from video feed and many more.

Frequently Ask Questions

Computer vision is a part of Artificial Intelligence(AI) that aims to give computers the capability to understand a single image or a sequence of images which is achieved by computer vision algorithm development.

Machine vision basically refers to using computer vision in robotics and industrial automation.

As a leading computer vision software company, we use the following programming languages and technologies: Languages: C++, Python Frameworks: OpenCV, TensorFlow, Caffe, Caffe2, FFmpeg, DirectShow, OpenALPR, Tesseract.

We have extensive experience in computer vision software development. We have worked with core applications including image understanding & video analysis. Some common tasks we have solved in the software development with computer vision are: Image segmentation Object detection Object recognition Object tracking Feature extraction Feature and color correction Face detection Image stitching

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