Artificial Intelligence

We analyse the existing isolated software / technology channels and make them more automated, seamless and enable a system which requires less human interference

AI Based Emotion Tracking

A deep learning algorithm trained to read a photographed image of a human face and return the probability percentages of that face displaying each of Ekman’s seven emotional expressions: anger, contempt, disgust, fear, happiness, sadness, and surprise. (Neutral expressions are also coded.)

It’s unique output allows users, such as counselors, coaches, HR personnel, researchers and advertisers to see the degree to which each emotion is expressed over the course of a recorded conversation.​

AI Based Emotion Tracking

Benefits of emotion analysis are as follows:

Agile decision-making

Real-time data helps your company making the right decision to improve employee satisfaction at the right time – continuously.

Happier teams

Employees who can address their feedback, feel more comfortable, are more engaged and are more un-like to leave their employer.

Identify the potential for improvements

Company offers a structured analysis of the gathered data which empowers your company to understand strengths, weaknesses and relevant topics. We recognize organizational strengths and weaknesses.

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We Co-exist with your existing HRMS & Payroll application



Virtual HR for your employee

No more queue at the HR department, Splice ChatBot handles employee queries and reply instantly on joining formalities, Leave related query, approval status, salary queries or get Last Six month Salary Slip on the registered email.


Increased Employee Satisfaction

Reduce response time with almost instantly improves employee satisfaction rate multifold.


Give all your employees a voice

Schedule dipstick surveys, track the mood of the organisation with a happiness score, and obtain actionable insights for each team.

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Automate repetitive HR Service queries

Apply for, approve, and track all your leaves, request reimbursements and tax returns, handle first-contact with potential recruits, and contextually clarify all company policies.

Do you have other application want need ChatBot Integration ?

Know about AI ChatBot


Mobile First

Splice ChatBot is accessible to all your employees anytime, anywhere.


Simple & standard UI

It is easy to use and with standard Chat UI. Need no training. Just follow the guideline.


Instant Response

Since Most of the Employee queries shall be handled automatically hence it is almost realtime.

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Concurrent Conversations

Chat Bot replies to queries automatically, without letting employees wait.


Get HR document on email

It works like information is handy and readily available. Give the instruction and get the document on email like salary slip, HR policy, Tax document etc.


Quick ROI

It handles most of the HR queries itself and hence reduces manpower effort that results Quick ROI

Frequently Ask Questions

Artificial Intelligence(AI) is nothing but a machine who ‘thinks like humans’. In other words, AI is able to perform tasks like planning, reasoning, learning and understanding language.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is an artificial intelligence(AI) that recognizes language and its usage and grammar rules by finding patterns within large datasets.

Python programming language is the most preferred Machine Learning development language at present.

There are following types of machine learning algorithms: Supervised algorithms Non-supervised algorithms Semi-supervised algorithms Reinforcement learning algorithms

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